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Updated September 24, 2021

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Whether you're looking for the roar of the big crowd experience, or a romantic dinner with music, or a great place to just listen, kelowna's music scene has a place for you.

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NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances in Kelowna and across BC. As restrictions loosen and live events start getting booked again, this page and others in our music section will begin to fill up again.

high energy and in your face

venues where you can rock it out with your friends

Prospera Place

1223 Water Street - Kelowna

It's the arena, so that's where all the big touring acts go to play. It has hosted artists such as Elton John, Aerosmith, Santana, Chicago, Bryan Adams and countless others.

With Fernando's Pub closing permanently, and Doc's switching to a canned music format, that really leaves only the arena for that level of energy and volume for the time being. Let's see if the renovations Red Bird Brewing are undertaking move them into this category when they're complete early in the spring of 2022.

Red Bird Brewing

1086 Richter St - Kelowna

After their latest renovation, Red Bird Brewing now features two large performance spaces; an indoor venue that seats 175 and an outdoor one that seats 280. The sound system is great and the crowds gather every time there's live music happening.

date night

dinner and some nice music

Mission Hill Winery

1730 Mission Hill Road, West Kelowna

As impressive of the architecture of the winery buidlings is, it is the setting it is situated in that makes for an incredible dining and music experience. Dinner for two and seats up close to the stage has a price tag, but the evening will likely create a memory that will last for years to come.

Mission Hill hosts a summer concert series each year, usually bringing in 4 or 5 international artists and offering packages that include a full meal, paired with their wines of course, and preferred seats in their natural amphitheatre from which to enjoy the performances.

great listening spaces

places you can go to actually listen to the music

Barn Owl Brewing

102 - 4629 Lakeshore Rd - Kelowna

This now 2 year old craft brewery made the jump this year to become the second busiest venue for live music in Kelowna. Whether the artists are playing outside across from the patio or up in the loft, the vibe of this place really allows for people to just chill and tune in to the music that is filling up either of their spaces.

O'Rourke's Peak Cellars

2290 Goldie Rd - Lake Country

Outdoor patio overlooking the lake, casual setting, just outside Kelowna in Lake Country.... that all sounds pretty good to us, and feels even better.

Vibrant Vine

3240 Pooley - Kelowna

Yes they do their big tent shows outside during the summer, but they also have a secret little spot downstairs that is perfect for chillin' and listenin'.

With the onset of fall and winter, the outdoor shows are done for the year, but they still offer live music occasionally in some of their indoor spaces.

Kelowna Community Theatre

1435 Water St - Kelowna

Mary Irwin Theatre

421 Cawston Ave - Kelowna

Creekside Theatre

10251 Bottom Wood Lake Rd - Lake Country

These 3 theatres have all hosted a wide range of shows, and they all have, well, theatre quality sound and seating. Sit in your seat, and listen to the artists and bands.

eats and beats

casual joints where the food's good, and so are the tunes

Blue Gator

441 Lawrence Ave - Kelowna

Kelowna's home of the blues for decades, The Blue Gator now hosts a variety of bands every weekend. Right in the heart of downtown. With entering the new stage of Covid restrictions, Moby is booking bands in again starting in September.

Copper Brewing

1851 Kirshner Rd - Kelowna

Right next to Kelowna's Landmark District and just up the street from the OK Corral, Copper Brewing grew to become on of the 10 busiest venues in Kelowna in 2022. Great staff, beveridges, and food, Copper hosts many of the best solo artists and duos in town.


319 Queensway Ave - Kelowna

This place has been around for decades and still packs in an audience everytime there's a band on stage.


places just starting to make their mark on the local scene


1383 Ellis St - Kelowna

This new purpos- built music venue is still in their soft launch phase but have already hosted dozens of live music events. Gorgeous stage and lighting, funky vibe, in the heart of the Kelowna Cultural District

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