This Weekend in Kelowna

March 22nd - March 28th, 2021

Again, only a small handful of things on the slate for this week, but it's good to see The Vibrant Vine has something happening on Saturday with Jeremy Messenger returning. It was great to see Red Bird Brewing have both Sam Balson and Kentucky Eileen in on Saturday, and we'll let you know as soon as we do about who is slotting in there this weekend. All together, we have 57 events in the system now for coming weeks.

Artist & Band Sign-Up



Poppa Dawg at Copper Brewing
One Night Only
5:00 PM


Scotty and Lucas at The Vibrant Vine
Vibes at the Vine with Scotty Berg and Lucas Wentworth
1:00 PM
Ballet Kelowna from Kelowna Community Theatre
Livestream Event
7:30 PM


Barry Wilson at The Vibrant Vine
Vibes at The Vine
1:00 PM
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Kelowna has so much really good local talent, and so many venues that are doing their best to provide us with decent places to see them perform. However, it's music fans, people who choose to get into their cars and spend their hard earned dollars to go see local musicians playing live at local venues, that make the Kelowna music scene what it is.

The events listed on this page update automatically every Sunday night so that all the live music events that we have in our system for the upcoming or current weekend here in Kelowna or nearby are displayed. We include both local and touring musicians and bands, as well as all the venues that have gigs or concerts going on so that you can see everything that's happening at a glance. Tell your friends to call up this page and you can all see the choices you have at the same time, no matter where you are. What a great way to share the discovery process!