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making the scene

Bernard Ave

in downtown kelowna

Way back in the day, it was the place to be. High schoolers would drive their cars up and down Bernard from Water St to Richter St looking to see who else was hanging out. We're talking pre cell phone days.

It still hosts many pubs and restaurants that provide live music and a wide variety of food, from pub fare to mediterranean and asian.

Add to that a wide selection of boutique stores, coffee shops, hotels and banks and Bernard Ave truly is the heart of downtown Kelowna. In the summer months it fills with both locals and tourists as they stroll up and down the avenue and take in all it has to offer, as well as wander off up the boardwalk along the lake and over to the cultural district.

Upcoming Events

Music and other arts & culture events happening along and around Bernard Ave.

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances and other public gatherings in Kelowna and across BC. As such, we encourage you to verify with the venues of listed events regarding any upcoming shows that we have listed here on this page.

Poppa Dawg at Memphis Blues
Dinner Show at 5:30
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Jeff Piattelli at O'Flannigan's
First of Two Nights
Friday, October 22, 2021
Jeff Piattelli at O'Flannigan's
Last of Two Nights
Saturday, October 23, 2021
Poppa Dawg at Memphis Blues
Dinner Show at 5:30
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Venues right on Bernard Ave include:

At 509
Carlos O'Bryan's
Doc Willoughby's
Fernando's Pub
Memphis Blues

Venues just off Bernard Ave include:

Blue Gator
FOD Lounge

Bernard Ave is stuated just one block south of the cultural district and runs right up to Lake Okanagan.

Nearby Hotels
Prestige Hotel - (0.3 km)
Delta Grand Okanagan Resort & Conference Centre - (0.5 km)
Accent Inns - (1.5 km)
Coast Capri Hotel - (1.6 km)
Manteo Resort - (4.4 km)
Best Western Inn Kelowna - (4.9 km)
Holiday Inn Express - (5.1 km)
Days Inn - (5.9 km)
Bernard Ave Closes to Vehicle Traffic

The city of Kelowna chose to limit Bernard Ave to pedestrian traffic this summer in an attempt to get more people visiting the shops along the citys main outdoor shopping corridor. While the public that took advantage of the closure were highly supportive of it, reaction from businesses along the avenue were more divided.

While most restaurants, especially those closest to the lake end of Bernard, experienced a bump from the closure, many retailers along the stretch were less fortunate. The overall effects on the community as a whole and the businesses along this strip will be taken into account before deciding on a similar closure in years to come, a modified closure perhaps covering a shorter span of blocks along Bernard, or no closure at all.

Fernando's Closing Until Spring

Due to the ongoing pandemic and its affect on hosting live music and business in general, Fernando's Pub has made the decision to close until spring of 2021.

There is a rumour going around that Fernando's has been sold, but we have not yet be able to confirm this or whether or not it will remain a live music venue.

Bernard Ave Revitalization
The City of Kelowna recently engaged in a revitalization project along the downtown section of Bernard Ave between Water St and Richter St. The vision was cast in 2012 and rolled out over the next few years, resulting in wider sidewalks, more trees and additional sidewalk furniture. It did come at the cost of some on avenue parking, but the end result is a more inviting and spacious corridor for locals and tourists alike.

Bernard & Water
Downtown Kelowna