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From Kelowna, British Columbia, Dave hit the road right out of high school playing in a top 40 rock band and then made the switch to Country Music in the late 80’s. Dave was part of the band “Levi” and has played at major festivals in Canada and Europe working with acts such as; Lee Dinwoodie, Kristi Stafford, Ferlin Husky and has done studio work with various artists.

Dave's influences include some of the greatest country guitarists in history: Jerry Reed, Ricky Skaggs, Roy Nichols, Clarence White, Brad Paisley, and Jimmy Olander.

Dave is currently or has recently been involved with Allan Markin, Trena, Ben Klick, Lee Dinwoodie, Pam Ferens, Ron Mahonin, Maureen Haworth, and Heart Music Publishing.

In the past, he has worked with Billy Chernoff, Rachel Layne, Gone West, Lisa Nicole, The Haworths, Levi, Kristi Stafford, The Matkin Family, Jay Bradley, Deb Stone, Stu Maru, Ferlin Husky, Dennis Leclair, Ron Ennig, Darcene, Donna O’Brian, County Line, The Herd, The Boys, and North County Records.

As primarily a sideman, Dave Favell is not as well-known or as visible of many of the other local country musicians, but he is a not insignificant member of the local country music scene here in Kelowna.

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Dave Favell

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