Andrew Judah

Singer/Songwriter, Producer

Andrew Judah is a songwriter and a performer, but he is also so much more than that.

A fearless and meticulous songwriter and composer, Andrew Judah's diverse sound is strung together by a love of evolving cinematic orchestrations and bittersweet melodies. Piecing together what others might dismiss as incompatible sounds, he has found a way to employ familiar, organic instruments with warped analog textures. The arrangements are playful and exploratory, with subtle rhythmic complexities. Controlled chaos. All of this diversity in sound is held together by a single thread, Andrew’s voice.

Judah has written music for everything from ads all the way through TV and on to movies, with many things in between.

Which TV shows, you ask? For starters, there are “Shadowhunters”, "The Path", the mega hit “How to Get Away With Murder”, and even the National Geographic’s “Before Mars”.

Additionally, he has created his own music label/musicians collective, through which he helps other artists realize their musical goals and projects. Local bluegrass band Under The Rocks would be a great example.

With his involvement in creating music for films and tv, Judah also does a lot of synch licensing.

Andrew Judah | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography

Where to Catch Him

Cafe Set
Thursday, September 28, 2023
Cafe Set
Thursday, September 28, 2023
Cafe Set
Friday, September 29, 2023

Where to Listen

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Venues Andrew has played:

Barn Owl Brewing
Red Bird Brewing
The Vibrant Vine


Andrew Judah

Andrew Judah at Red Bird Brewing

August 1, 2021
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