Photos from more than 500 local shows in the past 2 years! Videos on what's coming up, and videos on what you may have missed!

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Why We Went There

to put more information, photos, reviews in front of you.

by Miles Overn

from the lens of concert photographer Miles Overn

eikelowna's founder has been shooting concerts for decades, thousands of shows across North America.

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this weekend in 60 seconds

We use these videos to highlight a few of the events that will be happening on that given weekend

the week that was

We try to make it out to as many events as we can every week. We take photos, sometimes video, and often notes and then we pick through what we shot and noted and pick some things that stood out for us as we were out and about and share those with you in a video every week.

getting to know

We sit down with local musicians from time to time and try to fingue out who they are and what makes the tick, musically speaking.

the kelowna music scene

Stats and trends on and in the Kelowna music scene. Which solo acts, duos, trios and bands are getting the gigs. Which veneus are busy. Even what genres are getting booked. All that and much more with regular monthly videos and weekly updates.

Artists Photographed in 2021

Aaron Loewen | Alfie Zappacosta | Andrew Allen | Andrew Johns | Andrew Judah | Anna Jacyszyn and Loni Moger | Anna Katarina | Apollo Agua | Ari Neufeld | Ballet Kelowna | Barbara Samuel Duo | Barry Wilson | Ben Klick | Bex | Black Cat Soul | Bo Higgs | Bran Sanders | Brent Tyler | Brittany Graling | Bruce Spencer | Chloe Davidson | Clanna Morna | Cod Gone Wild | Corey Primus | Cover2Cover | Curtis Avery | Dale Disimone | Dan Tait | Dana Kowalsky | Dear Rouge | Diana Rose | Dirt Road Opera | Double Sharp | Elisha G | Ellie Fier | Floyed Meets Brwon | Focale | Garcia Band | Garrett Scattergy | Glory Days | Gorden James | Hailey Lewis | Hunter Brothers | Irwin & Higgs | Jackfish Narrows | James Hay | Jeff Piattelli | Jeremy Messenger | Jessica Le | Jimmy Balfour | Jodie B | Joe Lejoie | John Paul Byrne | Johnny Bootleg | Josh + Bex | Just Friends | Kailee McGuire | Kentucky Eileen | Kinga Heming | L & JZ | Leila Neverland | Mark Irving | Melissa Livingstone | Michael John | Michelle & Kent | Mitch Howanyk | Moirs Hill | Moontricks | Nevaeh Dyson | NFA - The Rock Dance Band | Nico Boesten | Niki Martinues | Nomads | Norm Strauss | OKM Senior Jazz Combo | Pat Ryan | Poppa Dawg | Post-Modern Connection | Proper Man | R Sherman | Rachel Raditz | Rob McLaren | Rollin' Coal Trio | Rumour Mill | Rusty Someone | Sad Tom and the Noodles | Sally Wallick | Sam Balson | Scotty Berg | Seventy Times Seven | Shalisa Liesch | Shari Ulrich | Shawnee Kish | Sista B | Smitten | Sonder | Songs of the Southern Belles | Stephen Kubassek | Stringers | Sycamore String Quartet | Tega Ovie | Teigen Gayse | The Canadian Jazztex | The Heels | The Legendary Lake Monsters | The Meliponas | The Royal Foundry | The Scalawag | The Tree Huggers | The Raz | The Steadies | Torrey Woody | Willy Marcotte Band | Wood Wire & Fire | Yukon Blonde | Zoe Marie Welch

- and many more to come -

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