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The wine trail has become a major tourist attraction over the last few years and it's no wonder as to why. With a full range of small to large wineries along a strip of the stunningly gorgeous Lake Okanagan, many of the wineries provide exquisite views along with beautiful architecture on top of great selections of a variety of wines, many of them award winning.

For a list of all the wineries in and around town, check out our Wineries page.

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration has resulted in some restritions on public gatherins, and that in turn has meant some adjustments to wine tastings and other service offerings from all the wineries that make up this trail.

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wineries along the Westside Wine Trail

Beaumont Family Estate Winery

2775 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

Music, Friendship, Good Times, Great Wines

You could blow right by this winery if you weren't watching, but that would be a total shame. Turn off Bourcherie just before Douglas Rd, which is just before Volcanic Hills and be ready to hang a hard left. The vineyards have been certified organic since 1995, and they have a total of 35 acres spread across three locations.

Ciao Bella Winery

3252 Glencoe Rd - West Kelowna

Benvenuti to Ciao Bella Winery

Just a little bit up Gelncoe Rd and tucked in behind some houses is Ciao Bella Winery. With two other wineries on this road, it's a great place to start your Westside Wine Trail adventure.

Frind Estate Winery

3725 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

This is such a unique setting for the winery building. It is right down by the lake, which provides a radically different view than most wineries. There has to be at least an acre of lawn between the building and the shore. Gorgeous brand new building with huge winetasting stations, large patio, and a bakery/restaurant to boot.

Grizzli Winery

2550 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

A Distinctly Okanagan Experience

While the setting may not provide the best view, the architecture is stunning. Easily one of the most distinctive winery buildings in the Okanagan so it's worth a visit for that reason alone.

Indigenous World Winery

2218 Horizon Dr E - West Kelowna

Merging modern culture with Indigenous history

Smaller in size than many of the Westside Wine Trail wineries, this wine shop provides an intimate and modern atmosphere for tasting and purchasing their wines. The building looks cool from the outside, and feels great on the inside. If you get the chance to converse with winery spokesperson Ryan Widdup about the history and philosophy behind Indigenous, that will make the visit worth it in itself. Definitely worth the stop along the trail.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery

3361 Glencoe Rd - West Kelowna

In The Pursuit Of Harmony

One of the three wineries on Glencoe Rd in West Kelowna, this winery combines a funky wine shop with ample outdoor seating, providing lots of opportunity to chill with friends and enjoy one of their many varietals.

Little Straw Vineyards Estate Winery

2742 Cordova Way - West Kelowna

Our Family Welcomes You

This little gem is tucked away off of Bourcherie Rd and up the side of the hill. It is across the road from Volcanic Hills and Beaumont wineries and if you're coming from Kelowna, you turn right maybe half a kilometer after you pass them.

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

1730 Mission Hill Rd - West Kelowna

One of the largest and more established wineries on the west side, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery features gorgeous archictecture, and amazing amphitheatre, and stunning views of the Okanagan Lake and the surrounding area. It is home to a concert series each summer featuring international music artists of the highest calibre.

Mt Boucherie Vineyards & Cellars

829 Douglas Rd - West Kelowna

Off The Grid Organic Winery

3623 Glencoe Rd - West Kelowna

Quails' Gate Winery

3303 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

Quail's Gate delivers on the entire romantic notion of a winery overlooking rows of vines complete with a picturesque lake in the background. It is stunning in its scenery and impressive in how it sits in its setting.

Rollingdale Vineyard & Winery

2306 Hayman Rd - West Kelowna

the hatch

3225 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

If you're coming from the east end of the trail, you will have to take a hard left to get off of Boucherie and into the Hatch, plus you'll see the sign at the last moment. Much easier approaching from the west. Great place to visit, though. Casual beyond belief and funky and friendly vibe.

Truck '59 Ciderhouse

3887 Brown Rd - West Kelowna

Technically not a winery, but this cidery has earned it's spot on the trail by providing deliecious product, selling it in their fire engine themed facility, all situated on a piece of land with an unusaul view of Okanagan Lake.

Volcanic Hills Winery

2845 Boucherie Rd - West Kelowna

Situated right on Bouherie but in the flats, so there is no view to speak of. Having said that, it is super easy to get to, has a beautiful wine shop, and features a number of wines that are favorites of locals and visitors alike.