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Stringers were a Canadian pop / folk duo from Kelowna, BC consisting of Gary Smyth and Sean Bray.

Both musicians are multi decade veterans of the live music scene and have accumulated thousands of gigs between them. Their laid back style and smooth delivery belies the serous musicianship that makes it all seem so effortless.

Sean has played with Songs of the Southern Belles, Cod Gone Wild, Dirt Road Opera as well as many local jazz groups and top-level singers.

Gary played with the Cruzeros as well as Cowboy Bob, Marty Edwards, Dirt Road Opera, and the Rocky Mountain High show.

The combination of countless shows and countless hours playing, recording, and just living the music life has allowed them a wide stylistic range and depth within each style that ensures a great audience experience wherever they play.

Sean Bray | Photo copyright (c) 2020 Miles Overn Photography

Where to Catch Them

Stringers is no longer active

Where to Listen

Right here on eiKelowna's new streaming service, where we pay artists over 10x more per stream than the leading services.

Gary Smyth | Photo copyright (c) 2020 Miles Overn Photography

Venues Stringers have played:

O'Rourke's Peak Cellars
The Globe
Numerous House Parties

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