our philosophy and why it matters

it's all about the art and the artists

From the outset, we decided that we were going to build an entirely different kind of site. We started with what we are passionate about; music, arts & culture, dance, and other related topics. Then we talked about those things that just don't energize us or our audience. We chose not to do those things.

our focus

shining the light on others

our design

as we mentioned on our about page, we believe that by embracing a minimalist design, we can more easily keep the site about the art and the artists, and unclutted by busy graphic elements and uninterrupted by garish display ads. This provides a richer and more pleasant site experience for our visitors. It keeps them coming back as well.

our commitment

we are locally focused, while still supporting touring musicians & bands, and other touring arts groups. we're also ultra-current in our coverage. we provide not just extensive listings of upcoming events, but also interviews, reviews and other coverage of events as they are approaching and after they have happened. there really isn't any other site our there quite like ours. We give our visitors lots of reasons to come back, and to share the site with their friends.

our sponsors

our intention, and indeed our desire, is to attract and accomadate a healty mix of local companies, from mom-and-pop shops through more significant organizations who deal nationally or internationally. Additionally, we provide a mechanism that also allows for even bigger companies to participate without over powering our neighbourhood sponsors. what do we hope they all have in common? a healthy love of the arts and a desire to help us support the local arts scene.