Sista B

Sista B and the Boyz

Kelowna's premier soul / funk band, Sista B and the Boyz have played everything from Parks Alive! main stage gigs to local theatres. Always tight, tight harmonies and band arrangements that support them incredibly well.

Sista B sold out a couple of performances of their "Rock Me Baby" show at the Creekside Theatre last year, and are set to take that very same stage in the months ahead with their "Motown in Yo'town" review.

Sista B herself - AKA Barb Samuel | Photo copyright (c) 2019 Miles Overn

Where to Catch Them

First of Two Nights
Friday, February 25, 2022
Last of Two Nights
Saturday, February 26, 2022

Where to Listen

Right here on eiKelowna's new streaming service, where we pay artists over 10x more per stream than the leading services.

Venues Sista B has played:

Creekside Theatre

Barbara Samuel

Katie Fletcher

Delphine Litke

Libby Coulthard

Kerry Rottacker

David Knapp

Kevin Kingston

Neal Klassen