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nothing like the big screen

Some movies frankly just need to be seen on the big screen. Some even need the Xtreme screen. We all waited patiently for movie theatres to reopen, and now they have. Most of the films being shown are iconic films of the past 20 or so years, but there is the occasional new release, so there is some new stuff to enjoy on the big screen.

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration had put a hold on movie theatre attendance in Kelowna and across BC. As restrictions have loosened and theatres have gotten the go ahead to open up again this section will give you all the deets on what's coming out.


theatres right in town

Grand 10 Cinema

McCurdy & Hwy 97 - Kelowna

Still the theatre with the most screends, Grand 10 Cinema boasts 10 screens and acres of parking out by The Brick. Lots of places to grab a bite nearby, including a pub, a White Spot and even a Quizno's.

Orchard Plaza 5

160 - 1876 Cooper Road - Kelowna

Right across from Orchard Park Mall, in the same parking lot as Save On Foods, and it features reclining seats! Total comfort and more space between audience members.

Paramount Theatre

Bernard Ave - Kelowna

After serving Kelowna for decades, the Paramount Theatre has shut its doors permanently. While the theatre building has been largely demolished and extensively remodelled to host a craft beer hub, the iconic sign remains.

West Kelowna

across the bridge

Landmark Cinemas Xtreme 8

525 Hwy 97 South - West Kelowna

Just across the bridge, and home of the Xtreme screen. An awesome movie experience. Endless parking and a wide selection of places to eat before or after the flick.

Encore Theatre

200 3645 Gosset Rd - West Kelowna

Tucked away in a small corner of a huge shopping space, this theatre plays movies that have completed their runs at the big multi-screen theatres.