Michaela Bray

Singer / Songwriter

Michaela Bray is an up-and-coming singer songwriter in the Okanagan.

Like most Ontarians, she moved out West to find herself or something, but accidentally found a new home in the mountains and never left.

Growing up in a musical household, she pulls her inspiration from many different genres and styles, including country, folk, and alternative music. With a background in writing, her lyrics pack a punch, and her melodies will stay in your head for days.

While the majority of her shows have taken place alone in her basement, Michaela hopes to explore what the Okanagan music scene has to offer.

Currently, Michaela is gigging around Kelowna in the father/daughter duo Bray & Co.

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Where to Catch Her

Evening Show
Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Where to Listen

Right here on eiKelowna's new streaming service, where we pay artists over 10x more per stream than the leading services.

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