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LMS Records

LMS Entertainment announces new record label

March 23, 2021

combined decades of experience in every facet of the music industry

landing Julie Masi as Artists & Repertoire Manager a major coup for any label, let alone a start-up

LMS Entertainment Announces LMS Records

Hot on the heels of their “Elevate You Music Dreams” announcement, LMS Entertainment is back with another major reveal. Mike Schell and his group of musical cohorts are creating LMS Records to serve as a record label for indie artists across all genres from here in Kelowna and beyond.

Schell’s desire to create an indie label goes back many years and is coming to fruition at a time when the music industry needs new answers and indeed new ways of doing just about everything. To help him with this project, he has enlisted multi-award winning vocalist and songwriter Julie Masi as head of Artist & Repertoire, along with talented recording engineer Kris Heidt behind the console.

Together the three of them bring decades of skill, experience, and passion to the formation of what they hope to be a label that provides services to and boosts the careers of artists and bands from all over North America. They are already working with a number of artists (4 to date, we believe) and are looking to expand their roster in the days and weeks ahead, as the official formation of LMS Records takes place.

While none of the principals have started a label before, all of them have worked with and around labels throughout their careers. Schell himself refers to his work with Jim Cressman of Invictus Entertainment Group, along with a number of other friends fronting indie labels, as preparing his entrance into the world of roster building, artist management, and career development.

The naming of Masi as head of A&R is a significant one for a start-up label. Her decades of experience as a member of Parachute Club along with a credits list of work with many internationally known artists from a variety of musical styles is astonishing. In addition, her community and charitable work have allowed her to develop an awareness of the needs, both seen and unseen, of upcoming artists and the cultures into which they want to release their music.

When questioned as to what she will be looking for in artists they choose to sign, key to her way of thinking is finding artists and bands possessing a clear sense of direction for their careers along with knowing who they are as people as well as artists. Along with those fundamental qualities, she also wants to see genuine talent, with the ability to write their own material as being a bonus for those who have it.

The LMS Records team is intending to provide a full range of support services to its artist roster, including recording, mixing, mastering, arranging, producing, physical production, distribution, tracking and more.

Artists and bands wishing to be considered for addition to the LMS Records label, please email Julie Masi at