Jeff Johnson


Straight up, you have to respect anyone who names their production company, Bailey Way Entertainment, after their grandfather. Couple that with a motto like "Aim to Inspire" and you quickly get an idea of who this man is.

Jeff Johnson is a Canadian singer-songwriter and a producer with a remarkable list of accomplishments and credits to his name, and yet you get the sense that this is just the beginning for he and his BWE company.

His list of credits includes Austin Belle, Chris Buck Band, Dallas Smith, Faber Drive, George Canyon, Kadooh, Lisa Nicole, Madeline Merlo, Meghan Patrick, Rod Black, Shae Dupuy, Small Town Pistols, Sons of Daughters, Tyler Joe Miller, Wes Mack, and others.

However, Johnson's work with artists goes way beyond just the songwriting and production side of things. He is committed to helping artists learn all aspects of the business and how to navigate their way through it to maximize their creative potential to deliver quality work over an extended period of time.

Jeff Johnson is definitely a huge part of the Kelowna country music scene, and we look forward to getting to know much more about this man and his mission. Even just pausing to reflect on BWE's desire to "reflect the values of hard work, tenacity and determination despite all odds" helps one to ask themselves if there is more they could be doing, or it they could be doing it in a better way.

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