Bernie Addington

Jazz Blues

Since he moved up from the coast, Bernie Addington has been the in demand jazz bass player across the whole Okanagan Valley.

Bernie is the consumate professional jazz musician. He has gigged locally in Vancouver and Kelowna, toured across Canada, recorded with numerous bands and singers, served as musical director in a variety of situations, and on top of that he brings a passion to his playing that borders on being possessed.

Addington has played with Kelowna's elite jazz vocalists and players, as well as blues and other artists and bands. He has also been called on by touring artists for their Okanagan dates. He has certainly earned his position as one of the key players in the local jazz scene.

Any gig Bernie is a part of is a good gig to go see.

Bernie Addington in Kelowna | Photo coyright (c) 2011 Miles Overn Photography

Where to Catch Him

Where to Listen

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Venues Bernie has played:

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