the network!? what network?

about the network

we're more than just here

mission statement

"to provide our communities with rich user experiences around music, arts & entertainment, and other lifestyle topics"

it's such a slight change to the eiKelowna mission statement, but it is a crucial one. "community" becomes "communities." we believe that we can be of the most value to artists and bands, as well as music fans, by being down in Vancouver as well, and over in Calgary and Edmonton.

we have built sites to help grow and support communities that include all the people involved in every aspect of the music and arts scenes across Western Canada and beyond. why? because it works best when it works for everyone.

network stuff

just a few things that you may want to know about us, our goals, and why we do things the way that we do

for artists and bands

lots of real tools

the network delivers

by making all of your info available to talent buyers across Western Canada, and their info available to you, we help facilitate introductions, develop relationships, and perhaps foster bookings.

for venues

help you look for bands

venue manager or talent buyer

by providing you with reports that not only let you see who's touring, but also what nearby venues are booking, we help you to avoid unneccesary competition and optimize your local music scene.

for promoters

putting cheeks in seats

manage your announcements

by providing web-based tools for entering tour information, including press release, tour dates, on sale dates, and much more, we help you see a little further into the future.

for fans

did somebody say "roadtrip!"?

by alerting you to, or helping you find, when your favorite artists are playing nearby (or not that nearby if you're a real keener) we can help you ogranize epic trips with your besties to hear your favs.

sister sites

the golden triangle

for now, we are highlighting our sites in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. These are the cities that most local musicians or music fans are likely to want to visit in order to play or to attend a show.

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