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February 5, 2019 at Prospera Place in Kelowna

by Miles Overn

Rally Cry Tour

"Kernan encouraged fans to forget that it was just a Tuesday"

"enjoyed thenmselves as much as those on the floor and in the stands"

Arkells Rally The Prospera Place Crowd Into Turning Tuesday Into Saturday Night

by Miles Overn

Arkells stopped at Prospera Place in Kelowna on their current Rally Cry tour and pulled off a little time-shifting in the process.

Lead singer Max Kernan encouraged their assembled fans into forgetting that it was just a Tuesday and embracing the notion that it was instead Saturday night and it was time to have a little fun. Or a lot of fun!

Launching into their hit "Relentless" to start the show seemed more than appropriate as this band kept the energy high all night as they weaved their way through over 20 songs before the night was through. After adding "Dancing Queen" and "My Heart" as an encore, they left the crowd more than happy they came, and still in a Saturday night mood.

Kerman owned the main stage all concert long, covering every square inch of the arena wide platform. Whether he was up on the drum riser, or at the outer edges of both sides, or smack dab in the middle he delivered their songs with a clearly evident enjoyment of each moment.

The setup also included a long runway out to a satellite stage that was used throughout the night, initially by Kerman himself and at other times by several band members at once. It was from this remote platform that one of the guitarists made a lucky fan's night by giving away his instrument.

Lead guitarist Mike DeAngelis added some tasty lines to songs over the course of the evening, nailing the lead guitarist in a pop band role. Always appropriate to the song. Never stealing the show. Simply broadening the palette and injecting highlights when called upon.

Arkells delivered a near perfect concert experience to the Prospera Place audience while enjoying thenmselves as much as those on the floor and in the stands. If you can catch them later on this tour, do it. Whatever day they happen to be in your town, they'll make it a Saturday night.

All images copyright (c) 2019 Miles Overn

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