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Okanagan Streetfood Review

Kim Rhindress

Visited for breakfast on April 1, 2021

GF: 4 Stars
Regular Restaurant Rating: 5 Stars

- all ratings out of 5 stars

“comfort food with flair”

exceptional “off the beaten path” fare

100% about the food

breakfast and lunch menu focused on simple items and generous portions

Photo of Okanagan Street Food
Photo of Okanagan Street Food
Photo of Okanagan Street Food
Photo of Okanagan Street Food

Food That Calls Us and Keeps Us Coming Back

Foodies eager for exceptional “off the beaten path” fare are well advised to venture to the industrial section of downtown Kelowna and treat themselves to Okanagan Streetfood.

One could easily drive right past this hidden gem tucked away on Crowley Avenue between a salvage shop and an electrical contractor but those who have made the effort will know it is well worth the hunt.

Streetfood is 100% food and 0% fancy ambiance. The vibe is utilitarian but that’s not why you go – it’s the food that calls us and keeps us coming back.

We came for breakfast today and hubby ordered a 3-egg omelette with local bacon, roasted peppers and goat cheese. The omelette arrived hot and beautifully puffy served with a tasty side of fried potatoes. Sadly, no gluten-free toast option is available but they gave him a generous serving of potatoes to make up for it.

I ordered the Huevos Ranchero (sans tortilla) that includes chorizo, caramelized onions, black beans, fresh salsa, cilantro and sour cream. My gorgeous mountain of food was wonderfully satisfying.

New owner Keith Dyck chatted with us for a moment about his decision to take on a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic.

No stranger to entrepreneurship, Dyck made Kelowna his home in the 1990s where he ran a successful business repairing cars. He had attended culinary school straight out of high school but cooking was relegated to holidays only. Purchasing Streetfood has brought him “full circle” to one of his first loves.

With a breakfast and lunch menu focused on simple items and generous portions, Streetfood has become a favourite “go to” for locals (ourselves included).

“When I was thinking of buying the business, it was the Google reviews that cinched it for me,” Dyck smiles, “I really found no way to say ‘no’. I loved the menu, the staff are amazing and the “To Go” food is incredible. I bought a well-oiled machine and when it gets busy, it’s just like ballet back there,” he laughs, nodding towards the small kitchen.

The Stock Market freezer sells a variety of soups, stocks, and pulled pork that has become a staple in our home. Happily, all are gluten-free.

Regulars can expect the menu they love to stay the same with a few new daily specials, like a traditional Cubano sandwich, added from time to time. While the large event catering has been put on hold due to COVID, corporate lunches are still on the table and something Dyck plans to move towards.

Outdoor patio seating is available and they do a brisk take out business directly and through Skip The Dishes.

Sadly, most foods are not gluten-free nor do they currently offer bun or bread options. That said, the staff are creative with providing safe alternatives and Streetfood is one restaurant that has never made my GF sensitive man sick.

For example, at lunch on a another day (we do eat there frequently) we had pulled pork served on a plate of shredded cabbage (pictured here). French fries are only gluten-free when the fryer oil has just been changed so those sensitive to cross contamination should ask first. It is worth asking as on the occasions when we have been able to eat them, the fries here are some of the best we’ve had and the portions are huge!

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 8:00am – 3:00pm. Okanagan Streetfood should be on the short list of those who love great food at affordable prices.

Photo of Kim Rhindress

Kim Rhindress has been writing in the Okanagan since 2011. You may have read her features in “Wine Trails Magazine”, her “Cultural Corner” articles in Okanagan Life Magazine or her “Kim’s Flick Picks” movie reviews on Castanet.

When her husband was diagnosed as gluten sensitive in 2014, they were forced to change the way they ate and where they could eat. Finding gluten-free food when dining out has been an adventure and is the focus for her reviews as more and more people find they cannot safely eat in some restaurants.

Kim is a Level 6 Local Guide on Google with more than 100 restaurant reviews.

Central Kitchen + Bar

GF: 4 Stars (out of 5)
Regular Restaurant Rating: 5 Stars

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