Red Bird Brewing

1086 Richter St, Kelowna, BC

Phone: 250.317.5468

Red Bird Brewing is on the north end of Richter St just outside the downtown core.

Upcoming Events

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances in Kelowna and across BC. As such, we encourage you to verify with the Blue Gator regarding any upcoming shows that we have listed here on this page.

You have to love a craft brewery that has a mission statement like this: "To create a space for our community to connect, grow and thrive while we endlessly pursue brewing perfection... one pint at a time."

Situated on Ricther St across from the old Calona Wines location, Red Bird has a funky indoor space along with a huge parking lot/event space where they host live music on Saturday afternoons during the spring, summer, and fall.

The brewery was named after a race boat from back in the day named "Red Bird" as they wanted to pay homage to the Kelowna Regatta that was a huge drawing force going back to the earliest days of the city.

Artists who have played at Red Bird Brewing include Andrew Judah, Anna Katarina, DJ Invizible, Firewatch, Josh + Bex, Kentucky Eileen, Kris Falco, Leila Neverland, Maple Jordan, Mr. M, Post Modern Connection, Sally Wallick, Sam Balson, S e Elliot, Swamp Honey, The Carbons, Tomy Tisdale, Windmills and Zoe Marie Welch.

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Red Bird Brewing

1086 Richter St Kelowna BC V1Y 2K5