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As someone who has shot thousands of musical performances across Western Canada and up and down the US west coast, Miles is feeling a little out of sorts these days. With every major concert everywhere on the planet cancelled or postponed and with zero chance of those concerts returning any time soon, he too is trying to find ways to stay creative and engaged. He will use this space to think out loud about what we can all do different or better on the other side of this pandemic.

"The last couple of months have flown by. Somehow during that time we have managed to shoot another 80 shows, putting us at 106 for the year so far. We've adopted a new photo review format for covering local artists in response to the Covid restrictions while also optimizing the number of gigs we can get out to and capture to share with you. We have published 26 of those reviews so far, and have more in the works. We have been blown away by the level of appreciation shown by the artists, the venues, and the music fans that have come up to us at events and thanked us for all that we're doing. Along with that, it was so rewarding to have New Country 100.7 and K96.3 Classic Rock approach us, acknowledge what we're doing, and offer to support our efforts through partnering in order to further increase the positive impact we strive to have on the local scene. Thank you to everyone there.

In response to all that, I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and deeds through these trying times. Kelowna has an incredible community spirit that seems to be constantly on display in ways both large and small. Seen and unseen. Together, we all make more than just a difference, we make the difference.

July 23, 2021

"I had to find some way to stay connected, and to help Kelowna music fans stay connected. Not to mention the musicians and bands that were feeling like they were fading away. While the Covid restrictions have severely limited the number of gigs there can be, and the number of people who can attend them, we have managed to shoot 27 socially distanced shows at wineries and craft breweries so far this year. We can't stay long at each one, so we pop in for 2 or 3 songs, grab a few photos, take some mental notes, and then on our way. It's been great to see some of Kelowna's favourites, like Poppa Dawg and Kinga Heming and Kentucky Eileen and Josh + Bex and others, but it's been really cool to catch some others that I had only heard of before but never seen. What a blast. We really are sitting on an embarassment of riches here, both with the wide open spaces that the wineries and breweries sit on, and with the very, very high quality of local musicians we have. I'm already looking forward to this coming weekend and who I'll get to shoot then."

May 10, 2021

"The normal winter weather hasn't really arrived yet, so I've been spending time chasing down all the public art pieces situated throughout the city, starting in the cultural district and fanning out from there. Why I'm choosing to do that now is anybody's guess, but it has been fun with the changing skies that accompany this time of year. That, and I'm leaving the big camera bodies and lenses at home and just taking my Canon T6i out with just the kit lens that came with it. I'm doing that intentionally to force myself to look, and hopefully see, from a radically different perspective. Very much enjoying both the challenge and the resulting shots so far. I think it goes un-notiiced or under appreciated, but the city really has done a good job commissioning and installing pieces in public spaces throughout the city. Feeling grateful for that with taking the time to stop and really see what's there."

January 18, 2021

"As winter sets in, I find myself reflecting on how much good stuff actually happened in terms of live music in spite of the whole Covid challenge that continues. A quick count shows that I managed to shoot close to 30 performancs at different venues around town during the summer and early fall months. That could not have happened if those venues had not determined to find a way to provide live music to patrons and bands a chance to make at least a little money. There were plenty of wineries, restaurants and breweries stepping up to sustain the music scene. I'm working on a piece about all that and will post it when it's done, but thank you to each and every venue that did what ever they could during the past several months. You are greatly appreciated.

November 14, 2020

"As a concert photographer, few things match the immediacy for me of trying to capture the essence of an artist in the act of creating their art. Being in the photo pit at arena shows or at festivals positions me between the band and their audience, standing in what feels like a vortex of massive creative energy and appreciation flowing continuously between them. That simply cannot be replaced or even approached by anything else for me, and sadly it will be more than a minute before it returns."

"This current situation creates lots of time to study my craft, to learn more, to look critically at the work of others and my own, and to try to develop an ability or a level of awareness to sense if and how this current situation affects each artist' own essence as we journey through this uncertainty together. Add to that what will probably be an even greater level of intensity of response from audiences when we get back to whatever the new normal becomes. Capturing all of those things will demand and even greater ability to be fully present and in the moment behind the lens."

"In the meantime, everybody, stay safe, stay sane, and stay creative."

Carlos Santana at Propsera Place in Kelowna
Where to find him online

Miles' photos and reviews can be found throughout this site, and have been featured or quoted from on the websites and in the social presences of numerous artists and bands.

Additionally, he can be found on both his general site as well as his photography site at the links below:

Miles Overn moved to Kelowna from the Lower Mainland over 20 years ago now. Somewhat reluctant about leaving the Vancouver music scene behind and moving to a much smaller community, he was pleansantly surprised to find that there was a vibrant music scene up here as well. Very shortly after he moved here, Prospera Place was built (August 1999) and suddenly major artists started booking tour stops in Kelowna. That, plus the presence of long-standing venues like The Blue Gator, The Minstrel Cafe, O'Flannigan's and others meant that there would be no shortage of places to shoot and artists and bands to shoot there.

He also does publicity shots, weddings, boudoir and girl next door shoots. Additionally, he designs and develops web sites and provides other servies in that space.