House Of Rose Winery

2270 Garner Road, Kelowna, BC

House of Rose Winery was tucked away in East Kelowna.

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No Longer Active

NOTE - Aura Rose, the proprieter of House of Rose, made the decision to sell the winery and the vineyard property late in 2021. The new owners will no longer be hosting live music, or even running a winery for that matter.

Her love for music, along with her eclectic tastes, resulted in the venue hosting hundreds of events over the decade that she ran it. We saw artists perform there that we never saw at any other venue in town. Musicians from every genre, from jazz to blues to pop to folk and beyond all were featured over the years. Aura's committment to the music scene as expressed through her winery will be missed by artists and music fans alike.

The House of Rose Winery began hosting live music events in 2013, which is the year that Aura Rose purchased the family vineyard from her father. The family tradition of care that had gone into the vines and the wines for years was now also being infused into the varied musical artists that were invited to perform on the lawns in front of the wine shop.

Even the briefest conversation with the proprietor brings out her appreciation of music and for the artists that create and perform it. It's why she continues to welcome a wide variety of artists and bands into her space during the warm, sunny months that we enjoy here in the Okanagan, which make for enchanting evenings or comfortable afternoons sampling the wines while soaking in the melodies and harmonies and rhythm.

Artists who have played House of Rose include: Black Cat Soul, Blue City Trio, Cat Wells, Double Sharp, Glory Days, James Hay Trio, Jeff Piattelli, Johnny Bootleg, Kinga Heming, le Mo Nay, Mary L, Michelle & Kent, Moni Funk, Neville Bowman, Niki Martinus, Ricky G, Rollin' Coal Trio, Tandem Yam, and The Timbre Wolves.

House of Rose
2270 Garner Road Kelowna BC V1P 1E2

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