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craft breweries that provide live music on a regular basis

Updated December 19, 2021



Live Music Events at Craft Breweries This Year

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From breweries with huge outdoor spaces along with indoor areas, to modern indoor only spots, Kelowna's craft breweries are spread out across town, from the downtown core just off of the cultural district all the way out to the lower mission and over in East Kelowna.

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NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances in Kelowna and across BC. As restrictions loosen and live events start getting booked again, this page and others in our music section will begin to fill up again.

the big two

the craft breweries with the most live music

Melissa Livingstone | Photo copyright (c) 2018 Miles Overn Photography
Red Bird Brewing

1086 Richter St - Kelowna

Red Bird just completed its fourth year of hosting live music in Kelowna. Saturday afternoons have featured two or more live acts, followed by a DJ spinning tunes late into the evening. They also introduced their "Tiny Nest Concerts" series on Thursday evenings part way through the year.

Barn Owl Brewing

102 - 4629 Lakeshore Rd - Kelowna

Barn Owl Brewing firmly established themselves as a happening music venue this year. They ended the year with the second most live music events held in all of Kelowna. Every Wednesday evening and every Saturday afternoon, somebody is playing at The Barn.

making inroads

starting to find their groove

Bran Sanders | Photo copyright (c) 2021 Miles Overn Photography
Copper Brewing

1851 Kirschner Rd - Kelowna

Copper got into a solid groove of Friday afternoon shows along with Saturday performances as well. As soon as the weather allowed, they utilized the huge patio space outside to welcome musicians and patrons to a truly Okanagan way of enjoying food, drink and entertainment.

Rustic Reel Brewing

760 Vaughan Ave - Kelowna

Modern archtecture, lots of glass windows, close to the other downtown breweries and the cultural district. Rustic got into a Thursday night habit of adding live music to the menu.

Shore Line Brewing

116 - 3477 Lakeshore Rd - Kelowna

Shore Line Brewing is brand new to the live music scene, and they're committing to it by starting up their "Live Music Mondays" series. From new up-and-comers to some of Kelowna's most seasoned veterans. Ultra modern space, right across from the lake with all the views that go along with that. Haven't eaten a full meal there yet, but the cheesecake..... ya, we'll do that again!

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