Big Block Union

Origianl Rock

The energy is palbable. The connection is undeniable. The music is pure. With so much musical camaraderie and genre diversity, Big Block Union owns their ballzy, soulful, original rock sound. It's a sound that radiates "fresh", but borders on that feeling of familiarity.

Together their musical influences take in the entire musical spectrum from southern rock to blues, funk, classic rock, metal, punk, 90's alternative, grunge, jam bands and eclectic independents.

Currently working 22 original songs through the process of tracking, mixing, and mastering, they are anxious to release their original and unique sound to music fans everywhere.

Collectively, after years of multiple bands, multiple countries, solo projects, studio session work, hired musician gigs, cover bands etc., these four bandmates' passion and commitment to creating music continues to evolve with what is now Big Block Union.

With a minimum of two solid hours of original songs, they can accommodate multiple show length opportunities, whether that's opening for others with a smaller set, playing multiple sets in a club gig, or headlining events. They can also play covers, but those are not your typical cover songs! Big Block Union also has all the sound, PA, mixing, mics, amps, cables and recording equipment to put on a full rock n roll show.

In the past year Big Block Union has played multiple outdoor private events and recorded a 5 song live performance that was organized at a private venue, captured on video with high quality audio. Live EP is in the works.

They are currently booked to play the Vernon and District Preforming Arts Centre in August 2021. Tickets will be available as soon as covid updates allow.

All original music created and co-written by Big Block Union. Regardless of who originally brings a song idea to the band it would never evolve to what it becomes without all four of our contribution, experience and influence.

The band members all look forward in sharing Big Block Union's music with as many music lovers as possible.

Where to Catch Them

Where to Listen

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Venues they have played: